About company

The main objective of the company is to produce current connections for the needs of the power industry. Since 2000 company has been developing excellent quality low and high current flexible busbars & braid connectors. Power shunts made from copper braided tape, press welded copper shunts made from copper strips amount the wide range of our products. This facilitates the possibility to choose dimensions and properties of offered items. Moreover we provide very short completion dates even up to a few days. Although the most important for us is the capability of perfect adjusting produced connections to the individual needs.

Our connections are applicable in production of transformers and different kinds of transmitters. Power shunts are normally manufactured from copper braided tape from wire 0.1-0.2 mm in different cross sections according to customers demand. Press welded copper shunts are made from copper strips/foils in different lenght and widths.

Quality of our products is well known on the home and overseas markets. Nowadays we have got customers not only from Europe ( we purchase to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, or Switzerland ) but from the whole world, especially China.

During the first stage of company's existence its whole activity was placed in Oława. With the increased demand and the development of machinery there have been run the new, modern manufacturing facility in Radwanice near Wrocław. Nowadays our range of products has been enriched by the services such as turning, drilling, milling, pressing, welding etc.

All of you interested in our offer of cooperation in the production or the services provided, please contact us.
IZAR Grafitowa Street 6, 55-015 Radwanice, phone +48 71 303 62 09, fax. +48 71 734 59 33, mobile. +48 601 87 28 15, e-mail: biuro@izar.pl