About us

IZAR is the producer of current connections for the needs of the power industry. Since 2000 company has been developing excellent flexible busbars and braid connectors. Power shunts from copper braided 0.1 - 0.2 wire, press welded copper foil connectors, and terminal amount the wide range of our products. This facilitates the possibility to choose dimensions and properties of offered items. What is more company provides metalworking services like turning, milling, pressing, etc.

Catalog IZAR 2016

For all customers we have prapared electronic version of our standard products catalog including dimensions tables and specifications
IZAR Grafitowa Street 6, 55-015 Radwanice, phone +48 71 303 62 09, fax. +48 71 734 59 33, mobile. +48 601 87 28 15, e-mail: biuro@izar.pl